Shipwreck Bay Zakynthos

Zákynthos, Greece Zákynthos, Greece
Shipwreck Bay Zakynthos. Zákynthos, Greece

A particularly popular destination is the only accessible from the sea, Shipwreck Bay to the shipwreck of Zakynthos. The wreck of the coaster "Panagiotis" is there on a small beach, surrounded by up to 200 meters high, straight up towering cliffs, above which there is a small platform. It is the only vantage point that allows the landward side a look at the wreck. The smuggler ship ran aground in October 1980, when storms tracked by the Coast Guard when it suffered a mechanical breakdown and leaderless with his illegal cargo of cigarettes in the formerly beached cove called "Agios Georgios". The crew of the ship were able to save themselves.
37.859444 N, 20.624444 E
37.859444 N, 20.624444 E


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