Avinguda Diagonal, 467, 08036 Barcelona, Provinz Barcelona, Spanien Avinguda Diagonal, 467, 08036 Barcelona, Provinz Barcelona, Spanien
Bar Barcelona Restaurant Spain
CHEZ COCO. Barcelona, Spain

This is such a place your jaw drops when you enter it. If not by the smell of the freshly roasted chickens, it will be by the grandeur this newly opened restaurant radiates. Chez Coco opened it’s doors this Summer and focuses entirely on the rotisserie. You know, chickens rotating on a spit for hours with a very tasteful result (also done by Rijsel in Amsterdam for example). The owner of Chez Coco has another restaurant as well, only a few meters away, and it’s called Casa Paloma (where they focus on juicy steaks and tartare). The decor is done by Spanish designer Lazaro Rosa Violan who’s work you can recognize if you’ve been to Big Fish, Casa Paloma and the Praktik Hotel among others. Large chandeliers, high bright blue couches to ensure the privacy of their guests and tiles on the floor with a great graphic impact. Here you don’t go wearing your Allstars, but appear to be the best you can be – for example on a date. In the back of the restaurant you will find a door to the lush, green garden where you can drink a cup of coffee and order dessert or cake. Reservations are recommended.Copyright pictures: www.petitepassport.com

Bar Barcelona Restaurant Spain

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