Longqing Gorge

Longqingxia Crossing, Yanqing, China Longqingxia Crossing, Yanqing, China
dramatic mountains sport
Longqing Gorge. Beijing, China

This place is very dramatic and refreshing. Situated north of the Badaling Great Wall, and encompassing the largest dam in Northern China, it provides a mini Yangtze River experience. Upon arrival, walk through a scenic park surrounded by high mountains, and after riding a rather long set of escalators, pass through a cute dragon's head to arrive at the boat station. The 30-min boat ride is a wonderful way to marvel at the scenic beauty. If you are into adventures, you can try bungee jumping. To get there take Bus 919 from Deshengmen to Yanqing Station, then continue with a taxi. Open daily 08:00-17:30. Tip: Taxi leg should cost around 20 RMB, make sure to have the driver turn the meter on.

+86 10 69 19 10 20
dramatic mountains sport

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