Weinmeisterstraße 9A, 10178 Berlin, Germany Weinmeisterstraße 9A, 10178 Berlin, Germany
bustling great food people watching
Kaffeemitte. Berlin, Germany

At the epicentre of great shopping in Berlin sits Kaffeemitte. In this area of town, you'll find some of the better shopping opportunities among the likes of Weekday, Onitsuka Tiger, COS, Fred Perry, American Apparel, Adidas and a range of smaller independent shops selling German and Scandinavian labels. Kaffeemitte acts a central cafe in the midst of decent shops, and it’s certainly busy! Yet even though it’s a bustling cafe, the friendly staff take the extra minute to churn out some fine espresso, regardless of the line. The food is way over and above average with amazingly delicious Italian paninis, sandwiches and gourmet salads from with the freshest ingredients. And the desserts are a whole new matter with some of the most appetizing cakes and brownies I've ever seen - which they strategically place right next to the cash register, enticing you to throw in an extra slice of apple tart with your coffee. Though not somewhere you’d hunker down for hours writing your next paper, Kaffeemitte is worth a stop for a quick espresso or two.
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 20:00, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
// Little known: There’s often a display of art on rotation adorning the walls, with Kaffeemitte serving as a small gallery for local artists.

bustling great food people watching

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