The Secret Place

The Secret Place. ,

Hi Guys.
On a recent travel through Norway I discovered a magical mountain valley untouched and not discovered by the world industry of tourism.
The place is hidden in the mountains at the end of a dirt-road leading you to a small glacier.
The place is an ideal camp place just next to the river where clear glacier water is floating as it was never ending. The sound of the river, the view of the snow caped mountains and the peace of loneliness and isolation, makes this a secret place which location won't be shared.

To arrive in the mountain valley you must pass trough a dark one lane tunnel blasted out the mountain to supply a passage for the few farmers settled in the area. It is said that the valley is isolated from the surrounding world during the winter, due to massive amounts of snow blocking the tunnel and making all passage impossible.

I only discovered the place by accident and maybe it is for the best that you will find it by accident as well.

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