Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay

1 Esplanade, Tin Can Bay QLD 4580, Australia 1 Esplanade, Tin Can Bay QLD 4580, Australia
Bay Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feeding Tin Can Bay. Tin Can Bay, Australia

Have you ever been feeding dolphins? The most people haven’t and a lot of people think they need to pay a fortune to do so. However, not in Tin Can Bay. For the cost of 5 dollars (2012) you can get to feed a wild dolphin. The secret trick is to get up early in the morning and be at the harbour of Tin Can Bay before 8 am. The area abound Tin Can Bay is extremely beautiful in the morning, when the sun penetrates the mist. So don’t mind a two hour drive in the early morning hours to get there. //Little Known: The Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin prefers swimming in warm water temperatures of 15 to 36 degrees celcius.

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Bay Dolphin Feed

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