Bertinelli Parmesan Dairy

Via Provinciale Pedemontana, 43015, Noceto, Italy Via Provinciale Pedemontana, 43015, Noceto, Italy
Bertinelli Parmesan Dairy. Noceto, Italy

From the outside this dairy doesn't look like anything special, but the Bertinelli farm is quite unique. We visited the parmesan cheese production and was quite cool. In the end you can taste cheese and buy stuff.

The place is also a cafe/restaurant so the dairy area in the back is a bit camouflaged.

Some interesting background if you're into food:

The Bertinelli farm is 700-cow located amidst the Emilia Romagna region’s verdant Medesano Hills, began dairy production in 1895. As it is fully self-sufficient, it utilizes its very own, all natural and homegrown crops for its cow fodder. Notably, Bertinelli’s parmigiano reggiano is produced from its very own milk. No purchases from unmonitored milk cooperatives ever go into cheese production. The company utilizes its on-property well water for cleaning all production utensils and vats. As Bertinelli is a vertical operation, it controls every aspect of production to create its celebrated cheese.

Only one Italian parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano) producer holds the distinction of creating a parmigiano reggiano with a dramatically distinct flavor from all other parmesan cheeses: it is the Bertinelli Farm. And Bertinelli is a ‘parmigiano reggiano’ producer unique among the 491 other producers due to their exclusive use of an all-natural ingredient: milk from lactating cows that is utilized only through the very first 100-days post-partum.

Bertinelli has named its unmatched parmigiano reggiano cheese ‘Millesimato’, which translates as ‘detailed to the 1,000th degree.’ This appellation reveals the exceptional care, detailed attention and world stature accorded its nutrient-rich parmigiano reggiano cheese. Millesimato’s creamy taste and non-parching, non-aggressive finish distinguish it from all other parmigiano reggiano cheeses. These are flavor characteristics that result from Bertinelli’s unique milk ingredient.

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