Parz Lake

Parz Lake, Armenia Parz Lake, Armenia
forest hiking picnic
Parz Lake. Haghartsin, Armenia

Parz in Armenian means clear, named so for the beautiful reflections of surrounding forests and mountains the lake provides. It is an ideal spot for a romantic picnic and great starting point for a hike through the forests, mountain ranges and small villages. In the middle of October when the trees are changing to its winter dress you will find the lake and the forests at their prettiest, when the shades of red, orange and yellow are painted all over the leaves. You can leave your swimsuit at home, since swimming in the lake is not permitted. For hiking in the area, we recommend joining a hike group, we did it together with Bnatachar, a club of hike enthusiasts and nature lovers that organize regular weekly trips to all over Armenia. Check their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/... or contact the organizer Apres Zohrabyanfor more details tel. + 374 91 318-335 or bnatachar@yahoo.com

forest hiking picnic

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