Cafe Retro

Knabrostræde 26, 1204, Copenhagen, Denmark Knabrostræde 26, 1204, Copenhagen, Denmark
coffee cosy study
Cafe Retro. Copenhagen, Denmark

The soft, velvety sofas are so conducive for putting in some productive study / reading hours. True to the Danish style, this non-profit café has the hyggelig air around it adorned with a huge fireplace/ oven in the middle of the room. It's located in an old house in the inner city on a cute street. Feels very much like you are sitting in a cosy, rococo style living room, a retro one! Don't come here in search of great food, their selection is poor, they do have great cookies though and make some awesome coffee and tea comes straight from A.C Perchs house. Try the white choco coffee - it's awesome. Students get discounts, and you will meet many of them here.

coffee cosy study

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