Trchkan Waterfall

M7, Armenia M7, Armenia
hiking picnic
Trchkan Waterfall. , Armenia

Beautiful piece of nature hidden in between Shirak and Lori regions. The water gushes down from a 20m cliff in a very dramatic and rocky setting. To get there is a real adventure in itself. We drove to Shirakamut village and took a Soviet GAZ truck to get here as the road, or the lack of it, passes through very rocky zigzagging surfaces and river chunks. It's a real treat for 4WD'ers. You can swim under the waterfall and even walk behind it. There is a narrow path starting from the right of the waterfall and leading up the mountain. The view from above is really breathtaking. The government tried to built a hydro plant at this natural landmark, which was luckily stopped by the environmentalists.

hiking picnic

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