Myasnikyan St, Jermuk 3701, Armenia Myasnikyan St, Jermuk 3701, Armenia
healing hot spring waterfall
Jermuk. Jermuk, Armenia

Jermuk is about 3-4 hours drive from Yerevan and is our spa town. It is famous for the healing mineral springs. If you drive here along the Jermuk highway after having visited Gndevank, you will experience an unbelievable change of landscape - from crawling between sharp cliffs, you now breeze through green fields of grass. The temperature here at 2,000 m is always cooler than in Yerevan, so bring a jacket even in the scorching summer months. Visit the famous Gallery - a long, arched pavilion in town, where mineral water comes out of taps directly from underground pools at 35°C, 45°C, 50°C and 53°C degrees. Bring bottles with you to take this magic drinking water home. Just beneath the bridge entering Jermuk you will find a beautiful waterfall, running down a slope of high mountain. Jermuk is also where the famous mineral water of the same name is produced and can be purchased at any store. It is good for digestion. The town was a very popular resort during the Soviet years, in the recent years new development plans are starting to come to life.

healing hot spring waterfall

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