Aparan Bread Store

M-3, Aparan 0301, Armenia M-3, Aparan 0301, Armenia
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Aparan Bread Store. Aparan, Armenia

The town of Aparan has a population of around 7,000 inhabitants, who are the common subject of many Armenian jokes (every nation has a scapegoat). Aparan is located on the Yerevan-Spitak M3 highway and offers two good reasons for making a stop. The first one is a bakery named "Gntunik" that has been growing and growing over the last years. This place you should not only taste, but also experience. As you enter the store, you are greeted by a huge oven, where young bakers are nearly jumping into to drop off and pick up fresh bread. They make lavash and round bread, which is their speciality, however also have a wide variety of stuffed bread rolls, try the ones with potatoes and chicken. The adjacent supermarket holds everything you will need for a picnic and you better stock up. With your bags full of delicious food, head up a few km north on the main highway. Just as you exit the city, you will find vast fields of grass and flowers with towering mountains - a perfect spot for a picnic. The setting is unbeatable!

market nature picnic

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