Etchmiadzin Market - Shuka

Tumanyan 1st Blind Alley, Echmiadzin, Armenia Tumanyan 1st Blind Alley, Echmiadzin, Armenia
bargain lavash local veggies
Etchmiadzin Market - Shuka. Echmiadzin, Armenia

Mingle with the locals here at the "shuka" (market in Armenian) where you will find everything for daily household needs and of course the fresh gossip of the day: from cheap quality, imported clothes to tools and spare parts for the workshop and home. Skip that, the real attraction is the fresh produce, brought directly from the local farms. Bargain for a good price and check out different stalls before making the purchase. Before leaving head off to the bakery, just follow the lavash smell, it is located in one of the courtyards in front of the market, where you can see lavash making in action, a beautiful sight: dough being rolled on, stretched out and lowered into the burning pit (tonir). The taste is heavenly. We eat it pretty much with everything, make a lavash roll, called brdutch, with Armenian cheese and greens, and juice it up with some tomatoes or watermelon and grapes. Mhhhhh….!

bargain lavash local veggies

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