Aragats Mountain

Aragats, Armenia Aragats, Armenia
4000m hiking lake
Aragats Mountain. Aragats, Armenia

This one is for the lovers of altitude, permanent snow and vast landscapes. Mount Aragats, with its 4090 m, is the highest mountain in Armenia and an extinct volcano. The four peaks tower over the crater of this volcano. A single road, forking off by Amberd road leads you to the manmade Kari Lake located at 3190 m. The road includes hairpin turns, steep ascents, and some parts of it can occasionally be damaged by melting water, so a 4WD car is recommended, if you hold your car dear. Be also advised that the road may be impassable and covered by snow until June. Despite all these bursts of adrenaline, the views are breathtaking. Kari Lake should be your first stop, take some time off here to sit by the lake and enjoy the view. It is very idyllic, bring a tent if you want to stay overnight. By the lake there is a restaurant, where you can get some refreshments and also try traditional "khash", a cow-feet soup, which is a very entertaining ritual, but takes some guts and a lot of garlic to eat. You will also find a meteorological station and research institute by the other side of it, but that looks rather deserted. If gazing over the lake is not sufficient for you, then don't put away your hiking shoes. From Kari Lake you have two options - a hike down the hill to Amberd fortress, as already described, or all the way towards the peaks of Mount Aragats (don't attempt the hike after having had "khash"). The easiest peak, accessible to anyone in fit shape, is the southern, lowest peak. Get an early start. It is 10 km round-trip and has an ascent of 800 m, passing through alpine meadows and stone fields. Directions: When going back take the H20 road down the southern slope of the mountain it will take you through many hairpin turns and small villages, during your descent you will have a great view over the Ararat plain and the capital Yerevan.

4000m hiking lake

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