Kobayr Ruins

Kobayr Monastery Rd, Armenia Kobayr Monastery Rd, Armenia
cave fresco hiking
Kobayr Ruins. Dsegh, Armenia

You would for sure not have found this by accident and a good pair of legs are required to access the remote location. Park your car by the Debed river right after exiting the Tumanyan village, look for the train tracks. Cross the tracks on the left side of the road and start your ascent up the mountain. The narrow dirt trail takes you through small gardens and backyards of local houses - an attraction in its own right. After about 15-20 minutes you reach a small plateau and the beautiful ruins of Kobayr monastery open in front of your eyes, together with a stunning view down the valley. Dating from 1171 AD, the site is impressive because of the well preserved colourful fresco of Christ and the 12 apostles on the standing wall and many old tombstones. Tip: In the afternoon you should get your camera out as the golden rays of sunshine smile upon the paintings, making it a perfect time to photograph them. On the back side you will find another gem, a “rain-drop” cave, a small opening in the mountain with typical pipe-like rock formations and ever-dripping water. It is a bit slippery hike, but the view is well worth the effort for a great view to the church and down the valley.

cave fresco hiking

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