Haghartsin Monastery

Haghartsin 3908, Armenia Haghartsin 3908, Armenia
fairytale forest hiking
Haghartsin Monastery. Haghartsin, Armenia

Tavush region is famous for its green landscapes, large forests and cool, humid climate, so it is a welcome change from the dry Yerevan heat and a hiking paradise in the fall when the trees put on colourful dresses. Haghartsin is right out of a fairy tale: as you descend the road, you look through the valley and see nothing but trees, until suddenly a small monastery hits your eyes, standing in complete harmony with the nature. The monastery includes six surviving buildings, oldest dating to the 10th century, one of them includes a dining hall. Tip: In front of the church you will see a huge tree with an exposed trunk. It is a wishing tree - get on your tummy and climb through the opening and don’t forget to make a wish on the way. It is tested - wishes come true! From here you can hike 10 km to Dilijan city, which has a charming old town. The hike starts at the gravel road by the the parking lot, down across the river and follows a dirt road south-west. It is a difficult hike through the mountains, so remember to bring a map.

fairytale forest hiking

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