145 West Broadway, New York, New York, 10013, United States 145 West Broadway, New York, New York, 10013, United States
Odeon. New York, United States

Reason: Cheeseburger (Lunch & Dinner, $18)

The burger ($16 at lunch, $18 at dinner), according to executive chef Vincent Nargi, has more or less remained the same since he took the position in 2005. Nargi uses a Pat LaFrieda blend of chuck and short rib from Creekstone Farms. The patty is an eight-ounce portion, rubbed with chopped garlic and grilled over charcoal. It's served on a toasted sesame seeded challah bun from Amy's Bread and comes with a choice of Gruyère, roquefort, cheddar, or goat cheese for an extra $2. Another $2 will get you a topping of bacon.

We opted for Gruyère along with bacon. The patty was exceptionally beefy, with a pronounced grill flavor. I could find few complaints about the beef, and even fewer about the well-toasted, barely sweet bun holding everything together. The bibb lettuce, red onions, and tomato proved as fresh as I could hope for without interfering with the beef and bacon.

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