Refugees Welcome

Neheimer Str. 8, 13507 Berlin, Deutschland Neheimer Str. 8, 13507 Berlin, Deutschland
Art Park Tegel Borondo
Refugees Welcome. Berlin, Deutschland

Borondo from Spain painted a 14th floors high wall. He is using a classical painting style, based on his education at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. In his works, he often refers to historical paintings in combination with current subjects. In this case he is reflecting the latest wave of refugees in the circumstances of the european discussions - to welcome the refugees or closing the border.

For some of the residents of the neighborhood the mural sparked strong reactions. Mainly on the focus, that children are hurt and bleeding.

Statement by Borondo:
„The wall is divided in two side with a gap of windows in the centre so I used this gap to represent a wall that creates a double dimension. On the left side there's a figure looking through a hole, while the right side depicts St. Sebastian inspired by renaissance paintings inserted in a snow forest with a cloud accumulation on top. The "wall" represents a division, a frontier and in this case creates a distance: outside the drama and inside an empty room with a small hole from which one can see the reality. A reality that we may pretend to not see but we need to be curios - as the child depicted here - to know and understand.
The gap is contemporary Europe, which seems to keeps our children safe and far from what's going on in countries very close to our home. Often this way creating fears and closing doors to problems that are a direct consequence of our economic politics.“ (Source: http://tinyurl.com/hn8mq29)

The project is realized in the series One Wall by Urban Nation.
Created 06 / 2016
And part of the Project M/9 “Colors” for URBAN NATION. Curated by Justkids and StreetArtNews.

Don't miss the rear side of the building for another mural.

Art Park Tegel Borondo

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