Holzmarkt / Kater Blau

Holzmarktstraße 24, 10243 Berlin, Deutschland Holzmarktstraße 24, 10243 Berlin, Deutschland
Holzmarkt Kater Blau
Holzmarkt / Kater Blau. Berlin, Deutschland

Once they started with the fancy club Bar25, now they present a small creative village, including club, restaurant and a hotel. A place for parties, and hangouts. And a meeting point to create networks and to exchange ideas. A great spot along the river Spree.
You will find numerous works of street art on the location. Here to mention, two huge murals. The blue Indian by Cranio (Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba) and the detailed wall 'The Only Reference To Reality Is The Weather' by the artist collective WENU.

Holzmarkt Kater Blau

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