Cuvrystraße 51, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland Cuvrystraße 51, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland
Blu Kreuzberg mural
RIP - BROTHERS. Berlin, Germany

Gentrification is the buzzword. The artist prompted the blackening of his work. Which had been done, dec, 11th, 2014. Statement by Blu: 'In 2014, after witnessing the changes happening in the surrounding area during the last years, we felt it was time to erase both walls.'

To keep the history of this spot and the walls alive, here the description and two photos of the original paintings.
A gigantic work by Blu and JR, that can perhaps be classified as the most well-known wall street art piece in Berlin. Completed in 2007 as part of the Street Art Exhibition 'Planet Prozess'. The one thing is to see the finished wall, the other to watch the process how Blu + JR worked for days on that painting.

Blu Kreuzberg mural

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