Reinhardtstraße 22-26, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland Reinhardtstraße 22-26, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland
#FRIEND Mitte XOOOOX stencil
XOOOOX and #FRIEND. Berlin, Germany

Two stencils at a bunker in the city centre of Berlin by German street artist XOOOOX. The stencil by #FRIEND is a street art version of Facebook. The concept is a disguised hint to the location owner - if the artwork remains, then the owner accepts the friendship request. XOOOOX's style is widely recognizable for his use of tags combining letters "X"s and "O"s and girl figures from magazine clips. XOOOOX and #FRIEND extend the collection of the collector Boros, which you can see inside the bunker. Worth a visit, book in advance.

#FRIEND Mitte XOOOOX stencil

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