Amiens, France

8-12 Rue Albert Dauphin, 80000 Amiens, Francia 8-12 Rue Albert Dauphin, 80000 Amiens, Francia

With a cathedral twice the size of Paris’ Notre Dame, it’s sacrilège that this town is seldom visited. Amiens’ cathedral is a marvel of engineering, with intricate stonework that will leave you goggle-eyed, as well as some of the goriest carvings around (the severed head of John the Baptist is a recurring theme). And the local delicacy, the macaron d’Amiens, will please the sweetest of teeth: try one at Jean Trogneux (www.trogneux.fr) where five generations of artisan baking have left the simple recipe of honey, almonds, sugar and egg whites unchanged. These succulent cakes are best served with an impossibly thick chocolat chaud.

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