Rambla del Raval, 43, 08001 Barcelona, Spain Rambla del Raval, 43, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
catalan open Sunday
Suculent. Barcelona, Spain

Suculent is one of those restaurants that puts an entire neighbourhood on the map: el Raval. They just opened last year, and everyone is already talking about them. Naturally I had to go there and find out why. Now I know, and you should go and check it out too. Are you brave? Then try the sea anemones, "ortiguilla de mar", they are exquisite! They do not have an English menu, so ask the waiter/waitress and follow their advice! // Little known: A place for intimate dinners is hidden by a wall in the kitchen.

Price: average 25€
Tue-Sat - 9:00-01:00
Sun - open for lunch

+34 93 443 65 79
catalan open Sunday

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