Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 1丁目11−1 Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 1丁目11−1
Maruni. Minato, Japan

Maruni does barbecue in a style all its own. The building is an old converted rice merchant's store that somehow got left behind among the modern office buildings close to Shinbashi Station. The decor is all gaudy black and red. Instead of tables and chairs, there are half a dozen oil drums, each with a charcoal grill set into the top. You just order a plate or two of meat, then grill it yourself. The beef is all from the famously pampered Japanese wagyu cattle. Maruni doesn't serve the super-premium steak grades so it's all highly affordable. grilled beef from around ¥550 (£4.60 a plate. Open Mon-Thurs, Sat 5pm-midnight, Fri 5pm-4am. English menu +81 3 3572 1129

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