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At Briskettown, Delaney offers two or three smoked proteins each night starting at 6:30 p.m. until he sells out of the meat. This could mean anything from beef short ribs, pork ribs and of course Delaney's signature beef brisket.

Crowned the 2013 Brisket King (no really, there's an actual crown), Daniel Delaney took his Texas-inspired barbecue game to the elevated streets when he opened Smokeline on The High Line. The Brooklyn flagship cooks up arguably the city's best brisket, and even offers breakfast tacos starting at 8 a.m. Across town, you'd do well to stick to what's between the buns. That means either "The Deckle" or "The Mess": the former showcases slices of fatty brisket flickering with spice from a peppery bark and hit with the zip of pickles and onions, the latter is a mash of the same brisket, pulled rib meat, and griddle-crisped cheese assaulted with chili sauce and onion relish. Both are only available at Delaney's Manhattan kiosk, which serves an abbreviated menu of brisket, sandwiches, and ribs.

Jersey-born Daniel Delaney—a bespectacled former Web journalist—might not seem like an obvious poster child for purist Texan ’cue. But the Yankee is turning out some seriously craveworthy meat. The Food & Drink Award–winning Delaney takes the traditionalist route, coating chunks of heritage beef in salt and pepper before smoking them over oak-fueled fire for 16 hours. That deep-pink brisket ($25/lb), along with remarkably tender pork ribs ($19/lb), draws Williamsburg’s jeans-and-plaid set, who hunker around tables, wiping their mouths with paper towels as mellow blues and indie tunes, like Mac DeMarco’s “Ode to Viceroy,” jangle over the speakers. The trim selection of sides is equally superlative: rich, garlicky collard greens and potato salad zipped up with pickled mustard seeds and caramelized onions.

BBQ Supper
Sunday through Thursday – 5PM to 11PM
Fridays & Saturdays – 5PM to 12AM

Saturday & Sunday - 11AM to 3:30PM
We close from 4 to 5 after brunch.


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