Shokuyasu Shoten(The vending machine bar)

Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, 2丁目4−3 Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, 2丁目4−3
Shokuyasu Shoten(The vending machine bar). Chiyoda, Japan

Shokuyasu Shoten is an almost hip establishment that represents a statement of the salaryman spirit. There's a row of vending machines on the street selling cans of beer; there's a ledge to rest them on; and there are the stars above you, or rather, because you can't see stars in Tokyo, there are the lights from passing cars, from the nearby electronics giant Bic Camera and from the vending machines themselves. Who needs waiters, tables and walls? A bar, the philosophical salaryman might argue, is anywhere you make it. +81 3 3215 0382. Open 24/7

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