Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

7238 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN 37135, USA 7238 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN 37135, USA
Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. Nolensville, United States

Pat Martin comes by his love of barbecue honestly. Starting as the favored whole-hog smoker at frat parties during his college years in West Tennessee, Martin has achieved a national celebrity status for his expertise at working the pit. The avowed tenet of his operation is, "Never, ever, ever forget that the pig is the hero," and he demonstrates that credo with every Redneck Taco he serves. (Power user tip: If you order your sandwich without slaw on top, Pat just might kick your ass.)
Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint: 7238 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, (615) 776-1856; 200 Crossings Lane, Mt. Juliet, (615) 686-2066; martinsbbqjoint.com

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