Nogizaka Uoshin

Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Akasaka, 9丁目6−32 Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Akasaka, 9丁目6−32
Nogizaka Uoshin. Minato, Japan

Five minutes' walk from the opulent Roppongi midtown complex, the Nogizaka branch of the Uoshin group sets the template for the genre that's come to be known as fish shack dining. Fresh seafood served any which way you like, at prices that reflect the rudimentary decor: bright lights, colourful fishermen's banners and no-frills seating. Uoshin's parent company is a seafood wholesaler, guaranteeing freshness and a great variety of seasonal seafood. You can't go wrong here: generous sashimi platters; whole squid or other fish grilled to order; warming winter fish stews; and humongous portions of sushi. 81 3 3405 0411, uoshins.com, full meals from around £30, including two hours of all you can drink. Open Lunch 12-2pm on weekdays; dinner 5pm-12am; Sunday and holidays 4pm-11pm

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