Shinbashi Top's(pachinko)

Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 3丁目17 Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 3丁目17
Shinbashi Top's(pachinko). Minato, Japan

No salaryman night out in Tokyo would be complete without a spot of the nation's favourite arcade game: pachinko. These pinball-like games are supposedly based on skill, but it doesn't take long vainly attempting to "shoot" the tiny silver balls through a cascading maze of pegs to sink them into holes at the bottom before you realise they're essentially slot machines by another name. The salaryman's trick? Put a pachinko ball in each ear. It won't help you win, but it will block out the insane music, which is like techno made by six-year-old girls who've spent the whole day drinking Coke. That's a victory right there. +81 3 3434 6131, over-18s only. Open daily 10am-11pm

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