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With that summary on all the types of readings, I'm creating examples of what questions and circumstances would determine the appropriate reading. I'll start with Astrology and as time goes on, I'll make additions to this article.

Having said all that, reading The Value of Combination Readings is information you'll find beneficial, no doubt.

Below are some examples of when an Astrology reading is best for you:

Life: If major changes are going on in your life - things feel like they're out of control, or if it feels like the world is against you, this would be a good reading to start with, particularly a Transits Reading. It would cover all areas that apply in your chart (self, career, family, relationships, love, money, health, etc.)

Character: If you feel alienated, different, or if you have certain characteristics that you can't help, a Natal Chart Reading is ideal, for it will describe not only your character, but why you're compelled to act and react the way you do.

Family: A Natal Chart and/or Transits Chart Astrology reading can sometimes identify family issues or characteristics.

Destiny/Calling: This can help you identify your niche. Natal chart for sure.

Money: In general, or the trend in your life - Natal. For current and upcoming year: Transits.

Relationships/Love: If you're wondering if/when you're going to get married, a specialized Love Reading is the most accurate type of reading. If you're involved in a relationship and want to know how well the 2 of you will work together, a Synastry or Composite reading is appropriate. If you want to your lot with love, a Natal reading is good. To find more about why things are changing in a relationship, a Transit Chart is the right one for you.

Moving: If you want to know how a new place would work out for you, an Astrology reading is priceless (contact me about this type of reading).

Below are some examples of when a Tarot reading is best for you:

Life: If you have questions on how an event will play out, if you're worried that someone cast a curse on you, if you're wondering how things will turn out at work, or a general reading, a Tarot reading can answer all that.

Character: When asking about someone else (intentions, character, circumstances), it helps immensely if you bring an object that belongs to the person you're asking about. If not, a photo helps too. I don't look at the photo, but place it face down. The object/photo acts as a buoy for information feeds. With that, you can obtain a better reading on the person you're asking about. For example, are you wondering what the intentions are of your special someone with your relationship, a Tarot reading is a good tool. Another example: Crazy things are happening at work but you don't know what the source is, a Tarot reading can identify persons involved (not by name of course, but by description), even if it wasn't on your radar.

Family: See, Character, right above.

Destiny/Calling: This is not the appropriate reading to determind a calling/destiny. A Natal Chart reading (see Astrology sample circumstance) is the best reading for that.

Money: Tarot is approriate if you're wondering about your money situation. This includes all circumstances of money from inheritance, job prospects, gambling, debts...

Relationships/Love: If asking about someone else, see Character. If asking about the nature of a relationship, Tarot is a good tool. Wondering if your partner is going to stick around, wait for you, or leave you? Wondering how a break-up will turn out? Want to know if you're with the right partner or if there's anyone else in the scene? Tarot is a wonderful tool for relationship readings. Wondering how you "mesh" or "click" - an Astrology Synastry or Composite reading is a more accurate tool.

Looking for love? An Astrology Love reading would be a much more accurate tool and provide better timing as well as the nature of upcoming relationships.

Moving: Tarot will tell you if your move will be smooth or not and possibly the outcome of your move.

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