EatIstria: Cooking Class

Pula, Croatia Pula, Croatia
EatIstria: Cooking Class. Pula, Croatia

The class starts by putting juha, beef and chicken soup, on the stove to simmer on low heat for many hours. Juha with homemade noodles is usually eaten before any meal and prepares the stomach for heavier food that follows.

Then we proceed to preparation of žgvacet, a traditional Istrian gulasch made with beef, chicken, tomatoes and wine. For best results both juha and žgvacet have to simmer on low heat for hours. Now we have plenty of time to prepare several types of traditional Istrian fresh pasta: fuži, pljukanci, gnocchi, Labinski krafi. Around 11.30 we’ll take a walk through an olive grove where we will have marenda with local sheep and goat cheeses, several varieties of olive oils and seasonal salads. For dessert we’ll prepare some dessert based on skuta, sheep whey cheese, and seasonal Mediterranean fruits. Omnipresent palačinke will finish in our pan, too.

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