Ramen Jiro Mita Honten

Minato, Japan Minato, Japan
Ramen Jiro Mita Honten. Minato, Japan

Anyone who embarks on a quest to find Tokyo's best ramen will probably end up at this Mita spot – indeed, the original branch of Jiro is said to be the most popular noodle shop in the whole city. Most other ramen looks wimpy in comparison to what they serve here: a fatty, soy sauce-based broth, with thick noodles, hearty chunks of chashu sliced pork and an enormous pile of sautéed cabbage to top it off. Since the shop was established back in 1968, former apprentices have opened more than 30 sister branches, each offering its own take on the classic recipe – but for the original and best, this is still the place to head.

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