Trump Room

Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Jinnan, 1丁目12−14 Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Jinnan, 1丁目12−14
Trump Room. Shibuya, Japan

You will not find many beer drinking patrons at Shibuya's Trump Room. Through the unmarked door, and beneath the chandelier covered roof and mirrored walls are the electro / techno / hipsters of the Tokyo club scene.

First-time visitors can take a while to get their breath back when they arrive at this hipster playpen, housed in a rundown Shibuya building whose interior has been transformed into a mess of glitterballs, mirrors and stuffed animal heads. Amazingly, the punters sometimes look even more outlandish than the decor, sporting fashions so impractical they border on fancy dress – wigs, bunny ears, military regalia and naked torsos are the norm. Music comes secondary to the preening, but you'll occasionally hear something memorable amid the onslaught of electro and house, including the odd DJ set by touring indie bands such as The Go! Team and Metronomy.

Trump Room is located in Shibuya in the backstreet behind TGIF restaurant. On first glance you won't see it, but keep an eye out for the bouncer close by the door.

• Hoshi Building 4F, 1-12-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, +81 3 3770 2325

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