Rinkoff Bakery

79 Vallance Road, London E1 5BS, UK 79 Vallance Road, London E1 5BS, UK
Rinkoff Bakery. London, United Kingdom

Best for… big and messy! : Rinkoff Bakery (Cro-dough)

Rinkoff’s claim to be the first bakery to make their own version of the Cronut in the UK. Master baker Ray Rinkoff tells me that the lamination process is extremely time consuming and the whole cro-dough creation cycles takes 24h to complete. They have just released their fourth version, the “Toffee Apple Crumble” , which follows the earlier “Fresh Cream”, “Custard Cream”, “Raspberry Coolie”

I tried all three of the current range. (The “Fresh Cream” variety has been discontinued). These are huge Homer Simpson donut-sized beasts. Easily the largest of all the cronuts on this list, and difficult to eat elegantly. Especially true for the newest “Toffee Apple Crumble” which is filled and coated with a thick chunky sweet apple sauce. If you’re more concerned about looking ‘dainty’ try the Coco Maya version. If you want a satisfying ‘stuff-your-face-in-it’ cronut this is one for you.

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