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SEVEN SPOONS. Bangkok, Thailand

In a tiny Chinese shophouse on a quiet road that visitors don’t really frequent you will find one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Seven Spoons only has room for four tables but it is fully booked every night, serving a range of Mediterranean and vegetarian dishes.

The reason behind its popularity is simple. With delicious food, strong cocktails and a warm atmosphere, Seven Spoons is a rare find in the city, a restaurant with real soul and prices so low that you will be doing a double-take when they bring you the bill. Seven Spoons is almost too good to share, and despite its popularity it still feels like a fantastic secret.

It is partly the location that makes Seven Spoons feel so hidden. Located just a few metres from the junction of Chakkrapatipong Road and Lan Luang Road, you’ll need to take a taxi if you are staying in central Bangkok. Cabs will know Lan Luang, but bear in mind traffic can be pretty bad in the early evening, so leave plenty of time to get there.

Ferns obscure the outside of Seven Spoons, but the warm glow of yellow light shines from this wood-lined restaurant – one of the only shophouses still open in the early evening. The interior is cosy and simple: polished concrete floor, four tables and a well-stocked bar in the back corner. There are plenty of friendly staff so you will be well looked after during your dinner.

Even if you are not usually a cocktail fan, we recommend you try one of the mixes at Seven Spoons. Of course there are the usual mojitos, cosmos and slings but the signature cocktails are far more original. Try the fiery and invigorating Seven Spoons: a combination of Martini bianco, spiced rum, lime and galangal. Their range of mocktails is equally as creative and surprising. ‘That’s right!’ is a fresh blend of passion fruit and pineapple juice infused with sweet basil, delivering a rush of fruit with a lingering aftertaste of fragrant herbs. The barman knows his stuff and likes to experiment, and if you are lucky you may even get to try one of his latest concoctions. As well as cocktails, Seven Spoons also stocks a decent variety of wine by the glass and beers.

Opening Hours: Daily from 18:00 – Midnight, except Mondays
Address: 211 Chakkrapatipong Road, Intersection of Lan Luang Road
Tel: +66 (0)2 6284588 or +66 (0)84 5391819

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