Donut #8:Washita Saataa andagii

Japan, Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 1丁目3−9 Japan, Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 1丁目3−9
Donut #8:Washita Saataa andagii. Chuo, Japan

Anyone who values their health will be upset to hear that 'saataa andagii' translates from the Okinawan dialect as 'oil-fried sugar'. Thankfully, the reality is less stark. The problem we've often found with andagii (Okinawa's indigenous donut) is that they tend to get very dry and very dull very quickly. Not so with these treats from Washita. They're small enough to ensure that the experience doesn't overwhelm you, and the man at the deep fat fryer obviously has his wits about him - there's nothing overtly oily about these critters, and the sugar content is unusually subtle. All in all, then, an andagii that won't weigh you down. Who'd have imagined such a thing? Saataa andagii. ¥100. Available from Washita, Ginza.

Washita: A large, brashly coloured store on the edge of Ginza, specializing in the art, music, food and crafts of Okinawa. The basement has more awamori (distilled Okinawan liquor) than you can shake a snake at, and there's even a little café area (and we do mean little) serving ice cream and particularly good sendagi donuts. For fans of the southern islands who can't get themselves there often enough.

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