Standing Bar Ginza 300

Chuo, Japan Chuo, Japan
Standing Bar Ginza 300. Chuo, Japan


Ginza is a dangerous spot!? Why?? Everything is very expensive!! But if you are in 300BAR you are completely safe.All drinks and foods are 300 yen flat (+TAX)!!

It is the same old rate since we opened the standing bar 19 years ago.There is no cover charge, you can grab a drink after work or shopping, or while you wait for someone - actually many people use our bar as a meeting spot before going to dinner.

"The most friendly bar in Ginza", that's how people call us. But it's not only about the rate or the system, but the atmosphere which makes a stranger into a friend.Walk in alone, meet our talkative bartenders, and you'll be leaving with a new company.

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