Donut#1: Coco Donut: Kogashi sato donut

Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 6丁目2−2 Japan, Tokyo, Minato, Minamiaoyama, 6丁目2−2
Donut#1: Coco Donut: Kogashi sato donut. Minato, Japan

So, what does it take to be crowned Tokyo's Best Donut, 2011? The answer: simplicity, care and a little imagination. This truly scrumptious donut can only be eaten in the shop; to take it away would be to undermine the precision preparation. We're talking about a simple donut of perfect doughy texture, worked up from a mixture of Hokkaido flour and soy milk, capped to order with freshly caramelized sugar. It's like eating a combination of donut and toffee apple, and the crunch of the sugar hood is a real epicurean treat. Not to be eaten if you have no room for a second; a repeat order is inevitable. Donut perfection. Kogashi sato donut. ¥360. Available from Coco Donut, Aoyama.

Without doubt, this is one of our favourite Tokyo cafés. With a simple, earthy interior, heavy on tarnished wood and delicate, handcrafted window ornaments, it's a gorgeous spot to step into from the noisy world of Omotesando and Aoyama. It's not a big place – try and seat 10 people and you'd have a crush on - and its proximity to the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum make it a popular weekend destination. It's head and shoulders above the museum's own café, however, so if you're looking for a post exhibition coffee and donut, give it a try.

One word of warning, however: Coco is arguably Tokyo's finest donut specialist, so you may find that their wares are gone by as early as 3pm. If you can, visit around midday during the week. You won't be disappointed.

Bill (for one)
Kogashi sato donut, ¥360
Fresh apple juice, ¥650

Total: ¥1,010

6-2-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Transport Omotesando Station (Chiyoda, Hanzomon, Ginza lines)

Telephone 03 6427 7470

Open Noon-6.30pm / No fixed holidays

Admission ¥500-¥1,999

URL www.coco-donut.com

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