Brunswick Stew Pot

Bay St, Brunswick, GA 31520, USA Bay St, Brunswick, GA 31520, USA
Brunswick Stew Pot. Brunswick, United States

Find the original Brunswick Stewpot in front of the Farmers Market pavilion (on F Street where it meets Bay Street) in Brunswick, Georgia

Brunswick County, Virginia, and the town of Brunswick, Georgia, both claim to be the origin of the stew.[5]
A plaque on an old iron pot in Brunswick, Georgia, says the first Brunswick stew was made in it on July 2, 1898, on nearby St. Simons Island.[5] A competing story claims a Virginia state legislator's chef invented the recipe in 1828 on a hunting expedition.[6][7]
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, in her Cross Creek Cookery (1942), wrote that the stew, said to have been one of Queen Victoria's favorites, may have come from the original Brunswick: Braunschweig, Germany.[8]
In areas where Brunswick stew is prepared and sold at fundraising, it is made in large iron pots over open flame or gas. The stew is usually allowed to simmer and cook for long periods of time. This may be attributed to the older tradition of putting game meats into the stew, which might require a longer cooking time to ensure that the meats were tender.

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