Cafe Modern

Meidoornweg 2, 1031 GG Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Meidoornweg 2, 1031 GG Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Cafe Modern. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The golden bike against a mirror tiled wall. That sounds more like a place Kanye West would love than the second restaurant of the owners of Hotel de Goudfazant, I know. Luckily that’s the only sparkle (apart from the beautiful red Hella Jongerius couch), because the rest of Café Modern is kept simple with the same nonchalance as de Goudfazant. Simple tables, school chairs, white linen and, what looks like, a handpicked flower on top of it. Why splurge on the interior if you want to pay attention to the delicious dishes the chefs prepare?

Café Modern is located in a former bank in Amsterdam-Noord. Not an area where you will find a lot of tourists, although Eye, the Film Museum opened it’s doors in April this year, and attracts lots of them. A short ride with the ferry brings you to Amsterdam-Noord and from there it will takes you 10 minutes to Café Modern. If you’re, just like me, taking your car everywhere you go, you would love to eat here because you don’t pay 4,50 euro an hour (normal price in the center of Amsterdam), but stay for free.

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