The Chicken Shop

140–142 Tooting High Street, SW17, London, United Kingdom 140–142 Tooting High Street, SW17, London, United Kingdom
The Chicken Shop. London, United Kingdom

Very good Chicken
Really chilled atmosphere, simple and fast cooking, unbelievably friendly staff and the manager who explained to us how it all started and may we say, in a very clever way!

Friends and family were invited over the first week of the opening and asked to give feedback on the food and apparently that’s what makes it a unique place to drop by; its quality – as some of the local customers expressed when we started a conversation with them. It’s the kind of place that makes one want to wipe the sauce off your plate with ones fingers.


You pick your size of chicken and whatever you want to go with it – we opted for fries and corn on the cob because we liked yellow that day – and the drink you prefer – we opted for a jug of wine because it was the end of the week – to match our mood!

And… if have been nibbling in the London rush all week with no hope of a sit-down meal like your mother has taught you, you will most likely want to fit in a little (OK A LOT) of extra, apple pie & ice cream brought to you straight on the baking tray for you to share, only if you want to of course.

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