Bungalow restaurant

3 Victoria Road, Le Cap 8005, Afrique du Sud 3 Victoria Road, Le Cap 8005, Afrique du Sud
Bungalow restaurant. Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

ungalow is housed in the legendary space of La Med in Clifton- a sacrilege to some Capetonians I am sure. The space has been thoroughly redecorated to a blingy standard by the new owners. The clientele has not missed out on the blingification. Goodbye bare-footed students. Hello shiny heels and tanned bodies.

Now I say nice meal with a slight caveat. The offering is hardly gourmet. The menu covers all sorts of basics from calamari, salads (for those pretty things..), steaks and fish. There is also a sushi menu. I gave that a miss. Thinking that maybe this is not the most reliable place for my once in a blue moon pregnancy sushi binge. Scuttling around in a tank, the crayfish are at least fresh. Food experiences were a bit hit and miss. First time around I had kingklip, which was defrosted and slightly overcooked. This was served with really salty, soggy fries. A friend had lamb cutlets and she was happy with them. Second time around I had calamari, which was actually spicy and nicely cooked. Yet still served with salty, soggy fries. Gave them some feedback on that. My friend had a Bungalow salad, which included everything from eggs to cabbage and goats cheese, avocado, carrot ribbons and croutons. The combination was a bit random but it was tasty enough. The desserts were good. We thoroughly enjoyed our chocolate mousse and crème brulee. Anyway you don’t go to a place like this for the food. People watching is fun and you can expect to have nice cocktails and enjoy the sun setting over the sea.

The service seems to be variable. On the first time it was really patchy. Second time it was really friendly. The only complaint was that we asked to be moved outside when something became available and despite there being a few tables in view we couldn’t be moved.

This is where you want to be seated

My advice: Book well in advance! I made the fatal error of booking on the same day and we ended up sitting inside next to a TV screen airing some obscure football match that no one was watching.

Bungalow restaurant
Glen Country Club,
3 Victoria Rd
Tel: 021 438 2018

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