Borgo Egnazia

72015 Fasano Province de Brindisi, Italie 72015 Fasano Province de Brindisi, Italie
Borgo Egnazia. Fasano, Italie

Weird and wonderful.
Borgo Egnazia is the kind of hotel that polarises opinion: some are sure to love its ultra-modern style with everything painted a shade of cream and avantgarde artefacts strung around the walls; others may find it a little too "far out". One things is for sure though - it is a unique establishment!

Borgo means "town centre" in Italian and that is what has been created here: an hotel, villas, apartments, a town square have all been created out of an ex-wartime airfield, a remarkable vision.

The hotel contains everything you could wish for: two big outdoor pools and another one indoors, large bedrooms with balconies (and a lifetime's supply of cushions), a large spa with all manner of treatments and equipment plus of course a bar and restaurant. The food in the latter is top quality and the tables on the terrazzo under the arches overlooking the pools are a delightful place to dine.

The San Domenico golf course is just across the lane, so very convenient for golfing

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