No 1

1 Århusgade, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark 1 Århusgade, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Østerbro
No 1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Restaurant No 1, Aarhusgade 1, 2100 Copenhagen O; Open Tues-Sat
17:00-24:00, five-course ‘tasting menu’ costs 445 kr, five glass wine
menu 415 kr; 3526 4201; www.no-1.dk The knowledge that shines
through in such perfect matching is truly impressive, as you might
expect from a world-class chef like Morten Koster, with experience in
Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium and Copenhagen. His raison
d’etre is modern, pretty, Danish food rooted in the classical French
school, and he absolutely nails it. Each dish seems to fill a
different part of your stomach; no, make that body, with each new
taste, so that by the end you are full to bursting from equal parts
mass of food and sensual satisfaction.

Danish Østerbro

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