Edel Amsterdam

Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Edel Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Their restyling. Everyone knows Edel by now. The restaurant in the Baarsjes is a good meeting place and has a lovely terrace on the water. This autumn they closed their doors, opened a temporary pop up restaurant in the mean time and reopened the place with a completely new interior a few weeks ago. That interior is done by young designer Robin Wong and has a relaxing atmosphere. Different vintage chairs, simple light bulbs hanging on the ceiling and a bar made of wooden crates and lots of plants. Also there is a new chef in the kitchen: Tim Groenendijk, someone you can know of restaurant Vork & Mes in Hoofddorp. Of course you can order a steak at Edel, but he makes it his motto to amaze it’s guests with ‘his vegetables’. And with Barbara Putman Cramer as food creative it can obviously not go wrong (she’s involved in the Youth Food Movement and is just as passionate about food as the author of this article about hotspots). They are open for lunch, drinks, dinner and cocktails afterwards.

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