Friedensallee 9, 22765 Hambourg, Allemagne Friedensallee 9, 22765 Hambourg, Allemagne
Eisenstein. Hambourg, Allemagne

As eclectic as it gets

Not just hip, not simply elegant, Eisenstein Hamburg is a symphony of smells, tastes, and colors set in stone. This postmodern venue is as chic as it is professional in the presentation of its menu. You can literally get anything to eat you want here.

Hamburg as one of the world’s most famous ports has always been exposed to the world. Eisenstein pays tribute to this legacy by offering guests a vast array of tastes from around the world. Fish or fowl, on the hoof or in flight, the restaurant serves French as well as it does Asian and Italian.

Not many restaurants can lay claim to such an eclectic excellence. You simply have to make reservations here for one evening.


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