Ahlefeldtsgade 28, 1359 Copenhague, Danemark Ahlefeldtsgade 28, 1359 Copenhague, Danemark
Bankeråt. Copenhague, Denmark

This genuine Copenhagen hangout resounds with humour and good spirits. Local artist Filip Jensen is responsible for the interior design of the place, a weird universe of animals in costumes.

The first thing you’ll notice about this dark, dingy spot is the rust colored walls and stuffed animals in human clothing dotted about the interior, like the stuffed polarbear greeting guests in his tuxedo, drink in hand and baring his gritty teeth, or the antelope dressed in a priest’s robe. The artwork adorning the rooms has a haunting and sometimes horrible beauty.

It’s common to find people in here already drunk since lunchtime, giving Bankeråt a relaxed vibe that makes every day seem like a Saturday and coaxing everyone to join in the fun.

Bankeråt also offers food inspired by international recipes, (serving items such as African tortillas, English breakfast, or the E speciale—our favorite) prepared with natural ingredients, priced reasonably and well portioned. Mornings are particularly busy due to the popularity of breakfast here, although the primary reason for coming is the endearing atmosphere and crowd of regulars. This is not a place where you’re likely to feel alone.

Bankeråt, as opposed to many stylish designer cafés, will give you an instant feeling of being at your eccentric sister's place. A messy, yet super-homey spot with odd chairs and lamps made of decapitated dolls.
On Sundays, hung-over patrons will come for brunch and a good movie.
Breakfast, brunch and newspapers
Bankeråt boasts an extensive breakfast and brunch menu. The English Brunch consists of fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, chilli-sausages, rye bread and Italian bread. A 'De Ville' Breakfast consists of a large café au lait and three cigarettes!
Plenty of Danish and foreign-language newspapers to leaf through.

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