Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin, Tyskland Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin, Tyskland
Silo. Berlin, Tyskland

Despite Berlin’s recent boom in high-end purveyors of coffee, Friedrichshain has remained refreshingly obstinate in terms of its hot beverage offerings. In the end, however, the situation proved one tepid Milchkaffee too far for a pair of Antipodean newcomers to the neighbourhood. After 2 months of whip-smart renovating, Friedrichshain’s first third-wave café was born.

Run by two Melbournites since August 2013, Silo takes its coffee seriously and without any pretensions. They’ll proudly tell you that their speciality beans are roasted across town by The Barn. But there’s no stroller ban in force here: adults and kids alike are free to pick out a custom-built corner (hand-carved out of recycled scaffolding planks) and one of the games too, if so inclined.

Adventurous caffeine-heads should try the filtered Hario V60 brew – much lighter than a normal Americano and with a pleasing wift of blueberry. Their chewy brownies and NYC cheesecake also make for more than capable companions to the drinks – so from now on, with a hat tip to Aunt Benny as well, F’hain can say farewell to sub-standard cafe kultur.

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