Het grote avontuur

Haarlemmerstraat 25, 1013 EJ Amsterdam, Pays-Bas Haarlemmerstraat 25, 1013 EJ Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Shopping in Amsterdam: great shopping street the Haarlemmerstraat

Amsterdam is great for shopping. At Het Grote Avontuur at the Haarlemmerstraat they have very cool things for your home. Het Grote Avontuur:

Address: Haarlemmerstraat 25, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: De Jordaan / Haarlemmerbuurt / Amsterdam Centre
Website: hetgroteavontuur.nl
Type of store: home and living
Products: from pretty notebooks to unique vintage item for your homeLots of vintage and bric brac furniture and unique items from all over the world or from designers close to Amsterdam. At Het Grote Avontuur you finds lots of beautiful paper items as well, like postcards, books and stationary. They love paper there! And I love shopping in Amsterdam at Het Grote Avontuur on the Haarlemmerstraat, because I can always find the perfect gifts there!

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