3 Park Road, Le Cap 8001, Afrique du Sud 3 Park Road, Le Cap 8001, Afrique du Sud
. Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

Takumi is run by Papa san who moved from his home town in Japan to our beautiful city to give us what might be the best sushi in Cape Town. At the age of 70, Papa san is still kicking ass and taking names, sushi style. - The menu is made up of some traditional sushi dishes and some not so traditional sushi. I've been told the Takumi chilli popper roll is good but I'm a traditionalist when it comes to food so I ordered the Chirashi sushi (a bowl of rice topped with fresh cut pieces of sashimi and vegetables). Michelle ordered the sushi boat which comes with over 20 pieces of sushi and 8 of those pieces being tuna and salmon sashimi. The fish is fresh and the all the sushi and sashimi pieces are cut to proper Japanese fish to rice ratio. -
Chili popper rollsNot only does Takumi serve kick ass sushi, they have some amazingly different teas too. Try the Gorgeous Geisha (a green tea infused with strawberry and cream).

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